A TRAGIC FIRE INCIDENT AND A Dose of Love Unity & Sisterhood (LUS) from EXSSA-USA’s Nationale Executive Council

We are glad this story ended with no loss of life but with a confirmation of faith in our sisterhood!

 Aunty Cecilia Nkengla
It is hard to imagine the way life can suddenly change. Class of 1968’s Aunty Cecilia  was at the 2016 EXSSA USA convention and had loads of fun. In August, shortly after the convention,  She was a victim of  a tragic house fire accident. Everything in her house in Burr Ridge, Illinois burnt to the ground.  Fortunately, she has grown up children who came to her  aid and hopefully her insurance would kick in too. The Vice President of EXSSA USA only learned of this fire incident when she went to Chicago  for the funeral of Mrs. Catherine Arrey. When she brought back the news, she found out most in EXSSA USA had not heard of this tragic occurrence.
Some Images of  Loss
Our jubilee uniform is visible in the pile!


When the news got to the NEC, they quickly decided that they had to do something. Aunty Cecilia had intimated that she was not up for a Go Fund Me drive because of the help she had already received. But the NEC felt EXSSA USA still had to show her our sisterly support. Our guiding documents do not specify how the organization is to respond to something like this even for registered members, so the NEC decided that as the leadership of this organization, they can set the pace and come together as a group and exercise, “Love unity and Sisterhood.”  Certainly, the NEC could not give her back everything that she lost or completely wipe the trauma that came with the dramatic nature of the loss.  However, what they decided to do was voluntarily contribute towards a gift  to show that EXSSA USA identifies with aunty Cecilia at this difficult time.  From the contributions, the NEC got her a Macy’s gift card to enable her get some items as she begins the arduous task of rebuilding. They also got a piece of our National EXSSA fabric, so she could replace the one lost in the fire. The NEC was not even aware that her late friend and classmate Mrs. Prudence Sanyi-Ngong had promised to bring back the fabric for her. Finally, she was given a vase full of beautiful fresh flowers not only to brighten her living space for Christmas but to remind her of Mathew 6: 25-29. With the help of the Chicago ladies, the NEC was able to effect this little surprise. Aunty Cecilia was moved as the video below shows! It confirmed her faith in our sisterhood! Yes, little is much when God is in it!
Yes, the girls sang joyfully as the video below shows even as Aunty was visibly overwhelmed with the show of solidarity. What a joyful night it was with multiple displays of our EXSSA motto: Love Unity and Sisterhood!  THANKS to NEC for this show of support!